Canstruction Vancouver

event photography for Canstruction Vancouver, a canned food sculpture design competition supporting the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society

Canstruction Vancouver is a design-build competition founded by MET Fine Printers, and there are similar events that are held in over 160 cities worldwide. Teams are formed from architecture firms, engineering companies, design agencies, and schools. After planning the sculpture to fit the provided theme, funds are raised to purchase the canned food, and the sculptures are built in less than two days. Following the event, the food is donated to food banks to assist those in need. After eleven years of this event in Vancouver, 1,248,455 cans, with a retail value of over 3 million dollars, have been collected and donated.
I supplied the event photography and the source images for promotional desk calendars, postcards, posters, and post event reports (2014 and 2015). The photos were also published in both the print and online editions of The Vancouver Sun and other online Canadian newspapers.
The 2013 Canstruction Vancouver calendar won Gold at the 2013 Canadian Printing Awards.
(creative direction and design of print pieces by Dougal Muir)

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